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cora holmes' gallery

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Glory holes
Glory holes are real.

A cave entrance, unexplored and viewed from a distance. Any mummies slumbering inside deserve their peace.

Strange rock formations add to the surreal ambience of the landscape convincing the viewer that otherworldly spirits belong here and it is they, as humans, who are the interlopers.

Another peaceful spot that welcomes human and spirit alike to enjoy brief and rare flat calm water and blue sky.

pristine waterfalls
Small pristine waterfalls splash into crystal clear pools in such hidden valleys no one ever hears the sound.

The trail is real. There are no signposts.

Summer flowers
Summer flowers against a backdrop of valley and snow covered mountains typical of the inland country Mell and Adam cross following the trail to Adam's home.

Bering Sea storm surf
Bering Sea storm surf crashing against boulders along the Aleutian coast. Heavy clouds give the sky an ominious purple cast, a common occurance on Unalaska Island, where Outside Man takes place. Mell and Adam race across just this type of terrain seeking help.

Milt reroofing the second story greenhouse in preparation for an Aleutian winter.

Milt says hello on his eighty-fourth birthhday.

"If it was easy, I'd just do something else". Chuck, who is still married to his boat.

"Hey, I must not be all bad, Hank loves me." Randall, who still longshores and spends any spare time worrying about his three kids.

Milt and Cora
Milt and Cora posing with grandchildren, Killian, Monty, and Dakota, at the annual Boy Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet.

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