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Cora Holmes' Outside Man

cora holmes' OUTSIDE MAN
Legend Books
February 1, 2012

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Mell Stewart doesn't really believe in the ancient Aleutian legends. Desperation keeps her dogged footsteps on the treacherous wilderness trail to the mummy's cave. The outcast she encounters at the entrance seems an unlikely hero, but during the dangerous months to come this modern day 'Outside Man' helps Mell find the courage to conquer her fears.

"Ancient legends, edge of the seat suspense, a heart tugging romance and such vivid details that the reader is right there at every turn of the plot. Outside Man has it all. This is a wonderful story that will appeal to both romance readers, fans of Tony Hillerman, and other Native American based suspense tales. Ms. Holmes keeps you guessing until the last page where she delivers a happy ending and all the loose ends tied as well."—Gwynn Morgan, author of Powerful Medicine and the Copper Stars Of Cochise series


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"The drama of Outside Man unfolds on many levels, the secrets of the past, the tense intimacies of a man and woman on a grueling trek across a rugged wind-swept island in the Aleutians, and the fascinating promise of Askhana. It is a journey of faith, love, and trust. Outside Man will linger in your memory forever." Helen Marie Graham, Editor

"Your manuscript was truly a joy to work on. You write so passionately about the kids Mell teaches. I want this book for my own library shelves." Pat Dunbar, Editor Treble Heart Books

Cora Holmes' Outside Man is a compelling story of love and betrayal as turbulent as the Aleutian landscape of its magically real setting. Jerah Chadwick, Alaska State Writer Laureate 2004-2006, author of Absence Wild, From The Cradle Of Storms

I just finished Outside Man. It's wonderful!! I love the convolutions of the plot, the characters, (so easy to fall into their lives) and of course the joy of being in the Aleutians-your descriptions make the islands so close and real. You learned the trick the rest of us spend our lives trying to figure out and employ and that is pulling the reader into the characters and allowing us to see the world through their eyes. You made everything come alive for me, and I was grumpy every time I had to put the book down and do my daily chores. Thank you for an incredible journey. Can't wait to read the next one. Sue Harrison, author of Mother Earth Father Sky, Ivory Carver Trilogy, and Story Teller Trilogy

I love your writing voice. If someone writes like they are "writing" I never connect but I feel like I'm sitting there with you over coffee listening to you talk. It's wonderful. Tina Pavlik, Owner, The Romance Studio

I didn't want Outside Man to end. You didn't leave me hanging, you tied up all the loose ends, and you wrote a beautiful story. I didn't want to let Mell and Adam go. You are such a smooth writer, the entire book flowed, one scene into another and there were no jerks and stops. Can you tell I loved it?? Keep on writing and you have a fan forever. Barb Deming, author of Growing Up Barefoot In The South

I wanted to let you know we have only one soft cover book, OUTSIDE MAN, so please bring some more by. From a personal standpoint, I just came to Dutch Harbor. I bought the book on my arrival and could not put it down. Congratulations on an awesome book. Susan Somers, manager Grand Aleutian Hotel Gift Shop


excerpt of outside man

Outside Man. The verdict dropped from the Aleut chief's lips into Raven Wing's heart like a poisoned arrow. Banished….

…Raven Wing ran along the cliffs above the angry winter sea, his hunger-weakened legs stumbling. He did not know where he was going but he had faith in Askhana. Turning inland, he lifted his face to the night sky, searching out the stars. The ground dropped from beneath his feet.

Chapter 1

Four hundred sixteen years later.

If she didn't look at the sea behind her, Mell Stewart could pretend the water wasn't there. She turned her gaze upward, toward the ancient burial cave concealed in the steep terraced rocks she had just climbed down. Would an answer await her in the morning?

Her breath caught in her throat. The late August clouds floating high above the cave brought back her son's funeral, their white fluffiness reminding her of the blankets lining his tiny casket.

She couldn't think about him without remembering his father. And whenever she thought about David water closed over her head. Both memories still had the power to dry her mouth and evaporate the oxygen from her lungs until she gasped for air. She slammed her eyes shut against the familiar nightmare.

This was never going to work.

The legend of Askhana was just that, a legend, blown out of proportion, no doubt, by centuries of retelling. Dead ancestors could not help the living. They weren't even her ancestors. What had possessed her to consider it?

Desperation, that's what….