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Cora Holmes
Cora Holmes' Time of the Otter

cora holmes' time of the otter
Legend Books
February 1, 2012
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All her life disconnected dreams that aren't quite memories trigger dangerous asthma attacks in marine biologist Kate Browning. The dreams are all she has of her childhood. When she receives a twenty-four year old letter from a grandfather she does not remember she follows it to the Aleutian Islands where a village safety officer's blue uniform sends her scrambling for her inhaler the moment she steps off the plane.

With the first touch of damp Aleutian air on her face Kate knows she is home. The wind is as familiar and beloved as the blue uniform on the policeman is hated. Despite the officer's objections Kate claims Mandreigan's Cove, her grandfather's abandoned fish camp.

In the cove Kate finds an injured sea otter she tries to save from hunters. When her attempts fail and the otter disappears she catches a glimpse into the past where a phantom sailing ship threatens the village of her ancestors.

She must save them. The only person who can help is the lawman who holds her in contempt and wears the uniform she despises. Can she convince him to help her warn a people who have been dead over two hundred and fifty years? If she cannot avert the coming tragedy she will also be destroyed.


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reviews for time of the otter

Winner! — 2011 Independent Publisher's Gold Medal for Romance
Winner! — 2011 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Romance

Cora, Thank you. When reading the book, I feel as though I'm within the story itself- I felt as though I was her. I could feel her emotions. The transformation to the old Aleut village life, the language and into a sea otter- was real. The suspense was all the way up to the end of the book (because I did not know if both Katherina & Vince were going to share their lives together) as it was written so well. Cora, the descriptions of the land, the way the seagulls sang, the motion of the wind, and the souls of each individual being was intriguing. Again, qagasaakun!—Janis Loresa Krukoff, Aleut, Unalaska, AK

What still stays in my memory is the way you describe the heroine...her entry into that hidden cave where she meets her lover...your marriage of past and present with the flavor of the paranormal. You kept me reading page after page long after the lights should have been out. Your detail in describing the terrors of the ship chilled my blood. In conclusion, as a classroom volunteer, I admired your solutions for present challenges with the young people in remote communities. You offer inspiration for a future of hope. Thank you.—Doris Telleria, kindergarten and first grade classroom volunteer, Garfield School, Boise, Idaho

Now—as to your wonderful book-I enjoyed it immensely, fanciful in parts, mystical actually, but a wonderful yarn, beautifully told in the true storyteller's tradition. Kate Browning and her wonderful cove still move in and out of my thoughts several times a day. Your descriptions are very vivid, painting wonderful pictures...especially for those readers who will never see the unique and distinct topography of the islands. Characters are sharply drawn and evoke a sympathy and connection right away. I liked how the teenagers came into the story. As with Outside Man I couldn't put the book down, yet I didn't want it to end. I loved it.—Reverend Dale R. Kelly, Methodist minister, Anchorage, Alaska

A good read. I loved what you did with the otters.—Shawn Dickson, anthropologist, University of Alaska rural extension director, Unalaska, Alaska

Pinnacle Award